Competition Regulations and Laws

To ensure the smooth running of the Game, and fair competition, laws, rules and regulations are in place to cover every level of rugby .

There are three sets of complimentary regulations relevant for the game in London and the South-East of England: the Laws of the Game, worldwide standards set by World Rugby, specific playing regulations for England drawn up and administered by the RFU; and Administrative Instructions issued by the London and SE Competitions Divisional Organising Committee (DOC).

World Rugby Laws

RFU Regulations

LSE Admin instructions

Explanatory Notices

The LSE DOC has written clarifying notes to help you understand the RFU Playing Regulations; click on the links to download the relevant documents.

Notice 1 - Appeals A club has the right to lodge a complaint about alleged breaches of regulation or dispute, or appeal against any ruling made by their league secretary or the DOC.

Notice 2 - Fines The DOC may apply financial penalties for breaching playing regulations.

Notice 3 - Next Available Weekends Where a game is cancelled or abandoned the League Secretary will usually order it to be replayed, in which case it will be scheduled for the "next available weekend".

Notice 5 - Kick Off Times Unless otherwise mutually agreed, league games must kick-off between 2 and 3 pm on a Saturday, the actual times delineated by the time of year or a club's 'usual' ko time if formally agreed with the DOC.

Notice 6 - Completion of Electronic Match Cards and Reporting of Match Results 

Notice 7 - Player Registration To play in RFU league games players must be properly registered with their clubs, although certain exceptions may apply at levels 9 and below.

Notice 8 - Rolling Substitutions

Notice 9 - Accuracy of information The DOC needs certain information to be accurate and up-to-date: players are only registered for a club if they appear on Rugby 1st's list as available online or by post; a club's nominated league contact must be notified direct to the Divisional Secretary; the results service must have a telephone number to call if they have not been notified of a result by a home team.

Notice 10 - Postponements If a club needs to postpone a game they must do so through their league secretary as the first point of contact; there is a procedure which must be followed to avoid sanction.